Ilm Program


Salihah Central has been offering online classes in the traditional Islamic Sciences for the past 10 years. The goal of this program is to keep women connected to Islamic learning and teaching within the context of their day-to-day lives. Our aim is to make learning accessible by creating flexible scheduling and accommodating the one-on-one needs of our students.

The program’s goal is for students in this cohort stay together through an in-depth, academic approach to Islamic knowledge and insha’Allah graduate together with an Ilm Program degree. We offer a full range of subjects including Qur’anic Tafseer, Hadith, Fiqh and Arabic.


Question: What is the time commitment?

Answer: 1-3 hours per course, including study time

Question: How long does it take to get an Ilm Program degree?

Answer: The Ilm Program degree is completed after 6 years of full-time coursework. Part time tracks are available, as well as the option to audit course for a pass/no pass grade.

Question: How is the Ilm Program program different than the community classes?

Answer: Students in the Ilm Program program are expected to take exams and show academic level performance,

whereas community classes are designed for general knowledge and benefit, without the academic rigor of exams.

Question: Do I have to take all the courses within that year?

Answer: No, take as many or as few classes that fit in your schedule. If you’d like to space that year over more years, that is up to your schedule and availability.

Question: What fiqh is taught in the Ilm Program Program?

Answer: Hanafi fiqh, as well as general comparison in usul of the Shafi and Maliki madhab.

Question: What does a sample schedule look like?

Answer: Here is a mock schedule that may be helpful:

5-6 hours per weekQur'anic TajweedQur'anic Tajweed
1-2 hours per weekHadithHadith
3 hours per weekArabic Grammar and SyntaxArabic Grammar and Syntax
1 hour per weekFiqh